Round Hair Brush by pzaZ | Boar Bristles + Ceramic Ionic + Straighten, Curl, Add Volume + 2 inch + BONUS Brush Cleaner Review

Round Hair Brush by pzaZ | Boar Bristles + Ceramic Ionic + Straighten, Curl, Add Volume + 2 inch + BONUS Brush Cleaner

  • pzaZ NANO THERMAL CERAMIC & IONIC ROUND BARREL HAIR BRUSH WITH BOAR BRISTLES: Our brush has a mix of pure boar bristles (lower black section) and nylon pins (higher yellow section for managing thick hair as boar bristles are too soft). The human scalp naturally produces oil called sebum which acts as a protector for hair. The boar bristles help to spread this sebum around, rather than just having it sit on your scalp. Anti-static & highly heat resistant! It’s a spectacular value!
  • NANO THERMAL CERAMIC & IONIC TECHNOLOGY: Made with ceramic & ionic properties in the barrel and bristles, this brush helps reduce frizz and add shine. Ions in bristles repel water enhancing drying time and act similar to conditioner which produces shiny hair with body. Ceramic loses and gains heat less rapidly than metal so the temperature of the brush is more constant. Your hair will be so soft, shiny and beautiful you’ll have others wondering what your secret is!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Choose our brush because it features a lightweight, ergonomic design with a textured, one-piece handle to eliminate hair catching and pulling. Comfortable and non slip! No more slippery handles, no more hand fatigue. Its anti-slip rubber design ensures easy and hassle free use!
  • BONUS: pzaZ HANDY LITTLE BRUSH CLEANER: To help keep your pzaZ Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush clean, we have included this pzaZ Handy Little Brush Cleaner as a BONUS when buying this brush. Use it to pull excess hair, lint etc. from your brush for a clean brush every time you use it!
  • Our brush makes a fabulous gift for the hair enthusiast in your life! Perfect for hair drying and styling of all hair types. Imagine how proud you will be to give this luxurious brush to anyone who is passionate about hair!

Size: 2″ barrel, 3″ including bristles, 53mm

Your Style, Your Way!

If you’re searching for a brush that will leave your hair looking healthy and polished please choose our pzaZ round brush because It feels divine on the scalp and stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles. Imagine how good it will feel to do something kind for your hair.

This brush features super-dense boar and nylon bristles in a staggered alignment for customized tension. Great for creating flips, large curls, and volume. The ceramic barrel helps ensure even heat distribution when styling, the non-slip rubberized grip handle provides a secure grip and the BONUS pzaZ handy little brush cleaner provides a clean brush every time you use it.

For best results, always use on dry hair.

It is natural for some boar bristles to fall out when brush is new. Just keep brushing and enjoy!!

Treat your hair well by investing in this brush because your hair will show its appreciation by its spectacular shine and manageability! You will also feel great knowing what an incredible value this brush is!

Whether you want a frizz-free smooth look or add some volume at the roots or create waves or soft curls, this brush can help you accomplish:

Your Style, Your Way!

Package includes
1-pzaZ Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush with Boar Bristles in Gold Color (2″, 53mm)
1-BONUS pzaZ Handy Little Brush Cleaner in Black Color (4″ x 1″)

For adding ease and simplicity to your hair routine along with soft, shiny hair, think pzaZ, and hit the “Add To Cart” button to order your pzaZ Round Hair Brush now!

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