Kent OG2 Beech Wood 7 1/2″ Rectangular Club Hairbrush – Pure Black Bristle, Suitable for Medium to Thick hair Review

Kent OG2 Beech Wood 7 1/2

  • Finest luxurious brush suitable for traditional brushing or blow drying
  • Brushing with this brush will stimulate and encourage essential oils in the scalp to flow through the hair strands
  • Boar bristles also removes excess hair products, gel, hair spray, mousse etc.
  • A classic shape that dates back over 150 years
  • Treat your hair with respect, don’t twist and tug it, and use the Kent brush gently on your hair


A beech wood rectangular club handled brush filled with pure black bristle. A classic shape that dates back over 150 years. Suitable for medium to thick hair. Finest Men’s’ is a hand finished range of bristle brushes. Designs come in various shapes, either oval, rectangular or with handles. Made from finest timbers and carefully sourced natural bristle which is ‘cut’ from difference sections to offer a choice of strengths for thick, medium, fine or receding hair. Brushing is not only relaxing but improves circulation in the scalp and encourages essential oils to flow through the hair which protects and nourishes.

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