Hair Brush,LYLFL Boar Bristle Hair Brush and Works Great on Wet or Dry Hair Review

Hair Brush,LYLFL Boar Bristle Hair Brush and Works Great on Wet or Dry Hair

  • Boar bristles featured in this hairbrush promotes healthy hair by stimulating the production of natural oils from the scalp. The hair brush also features nylon bristles that detangle thick hair and massage the scalp for exceptional results.
  • This hairbrush by LYLFL will help you to straighten your rough or tangled hair. It’s also a good choice for eradicating the frizz. The stylish brush comes in a comfortable size for easy handling and you can use it for a long period without getting tired.
  • It comprises boar bristles to endure everyday use and won’t fall off easily. Together with the nylon pins, it will straighten your hair, eliminate excess oils, massage the scalp, and leave it looking shiny.
  • Specially designed mini-rake gently clears bristles of hair, dust and product buildup.
  • LYLFL boar bristles hair brush provides 30 days money back warranty to protect every customers benefits.


Here is a list of benefits what boar bristle brush will give to you:

*Watch your hair become naturally healthy and shiny as the boar bristles distribute substances from your scalp over your hair. These natural oils ensure that your hair stays protected and pampered every day. This way your hair is cleaned, detangled and conditioned at the same time.
*One of the greatest boar bristle brush benefits is that they don’t damage the hair while brushing – the brush will not tear your hair, it will not split and fracture anymore.
*The natural bristles gently massage your scalp increases the blood flow, encourages hair growth and creates thicker, longer hair as well.
*It will be easier to create your everyday hairstyle – your hair will obtain good elasticity and will be less frizzy.
*The boar bristles pick up dirt and dust – say goodbye to shampoo. Seriously, a lot of people actually are not using shampoo as much as they used to, not even close to that.

Package Include
Hair Brush
Hair Brush Cleaner
Travel Bag


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